Test results and grower reports indicate the following benefits
after application of ECO-GROW:

  • Cost effective so it is economic to use
  • Less storage space required
  • Easy to transport
  • Clean to handle and non-toxic
  • 100% organic ingredients and ecologically friendly
  • Accelerates growth of plants and yield
  • Natural smell so no unpleasant odours
  • Increases levels of micro-organisms within the soil
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic respiration
  • Reduces weeds, saving manpower
  • Increases the fertility of the soil so crops need rotating less frequently
  • Ensures even distribution and growth of plants
  • Healthier, tastier and better-looking plants with strengthened colour
  • Reduces alkalinity of soil
  • Neutralise and balance pH of the soil
  • Provides Nitrogen and other trace elements, as plant needs it.
  • Makes phosphorus and potassium continuously available for crops and plants
  • Promotes the sprouting and rooting of seeds
  • Stimulates the fermentation and decomposition of green fertiliser and helps to
    speed the breakdown of organic matter and crop stubble
  • Builds and increases humic content
  • And many more..